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The Caregiver

After a long day of taking care of your loved ones, you may experience a variety of emotions... Read more

Seniors Solution Agency

Seniors Solution was founded in March, 2007, in Kanata, Ontario Canada...
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  • Betty

    You, and the care you give her, was a major factor in her decision to stay right where she is. Debbie, your services, and more important, YOU, have made such a difference for our Mother...she not only has her independence, but your personal care and affection make her feel so secure.

  • Edna Bingham

    I'm not sure how long Debbie has been a visitor for my sister, Verna. It may be one year or shorter or a bit longer. My sister is age 80, blind, only one hearing aide at the moment, with osteoporosis and lots of medical issues, now in a wheelchair almost all the time. When Debbie started visiting Verna she was mobile and so they could go for walks, tea etc.

  • Carole Bennett

    My husband and I both work full-time and we have 3 children. My husband's parents were living in Stittsville when my father-in-law had a stroke and was unable to return home to care for his wife who was very ill. They moved to a seniors' residence, and their home was sold. Several months later, his wife sadly passed away. While all this was happening, I was being scheduled for a hip replacement due to severe arthritis.


The Facts About Assistive

As age advances, some seniors experience discomfort or fear when doing activities they enjoyed ...

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The Caregiver's Emotional Well Being

After a long day of taking care of your loved ones, you may experience a variety of emotions ...

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Normal Aging or Something is Wrong?

Our hair turns white (or falls out). We need glasses. We don't move as quickly as we once did. Others...

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Seniors on Muscle Beach? You're Never Too Old to Get Fit.

If you think you're too old to benefit from a fitness regimen that includes weight training, think again...

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