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Providing exceptional service to our community since 2007

About Seniors Solution


In 2007, Seniors Solution was born out of the love for a mother, who needed care. Debbie Abfalter, founder and CEO of Seniors Solution, was helping her Mother in Law with everything from going to medical appointments, events, and companionship. She realized that there was a need for this type of support in our community. She not only lift the burdens of independent day to day life but alleviated the loneliness that Seniors often experience.

Debbie felt there was a need for services for Seniors who required some extra help with daily tasks, companionship, outings, medical appointments, and more. This inspired her to create Seniors Solution to assist Seniors in the Ottawa area. As Seniors Solution grew over the years, more services were added, as she saw more and more needs to be filled.

How it Started

Meet the Team


Debbie Abfalter

Founder/ Certified End of Life Doula

Debbie is an empathetic nurturer who truly sees service and care as a higher calling. This is why she is a tireless fundraiser for seniors’ charities, founded Seniors in Isolation to alleviate elder loneliness, and works with her Senior Companion dog to bring warmth and cuddles to friends, old and new.

Debbie is a Certified End of Life Doula. She has the ability to comfort and guide families through challenging times. 

Debbie is a also strong believer in giving back to the community and has donated thousands of dollars to assist seniors suffering from elder abuse in our community.  All of the proceeds from her beloved furry friend, Diesel, goes towards this cause. 


Julie Joyce

Community Relations Care Director

Julie’s experience working with seniors for 16 years has taught her life lessons in empathy, patience, and understanding that she is able to use every day to help those close to her, both in her professional capacity and her personal life.


She brings with her many years of experience caring for those living with dementia, with skills developed through ongoing training and professional development.


She has a passion for building supportive relationships in our community, and providing the same care to your families and their loved ones as she would her own.


Nevin Colak

Operations Director/ Graphic Designer

Nevin has been with Seniors Solution for over 10 years.

She has experience in many roles including spending quality time with seniors, taking them to appointments, assisting with errands, helping them move, and organising their homes from top to bottom.

With her big heart, attention to detail, and passion for helping others, she has been an amazing asset to our team. She works behind the scenes as our Graphic Designer and Operations Director to ensure things are running smoothly. 



Therapy Companion

Diesel is a Certified Therapy Companion Dog who specialises in working with seniors with anxiety, dementia, and Alzheimer’s. Diesel is a calming, loving presence wherever he goes. All of Diesels' profits go to a charity that fights elder abuse. 

Diesel, our main Therapy Companionship Dog and has been with Seniors Solution for over 5 years. He is well known in the Seniors Community as he visits seniors all over Ottawa to brighten their day.

From our family to yours. 

We have an incredible team of caring, passionate individuals who we see as family. Our goal is to provide consistency of care. With our carefully selected Caregivers, we strive to match our Clients and Caregivers based on personality, interests and individual needs. This is essential to provide comfort and a trusting relationship between our family and yours.

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