"I’m not sure how long Debbie has been a visitor for my sister, Verna. It may be one year, or shorter, or a bit longer. My sister is age 80, blind, only one hearing aide at the moment, with osteoporosis and lots of medical issues, now in a wheelchair almost all the time. When Debbie started visiting Verna she was mobile and so they could go for walks, tea etc."

- Edna Bingham

"You, and the care you give our mother, was a major factor in her decision to stay right where she is. Debbie, your services, and more important, YOU, have made such a difference for her…she not only has her independence, but your personal care and affection make her feel so secure." 

- Betty

"To Debbie and all of the wonderful companions at Seniors Solution: We want to thank you for your kind care for dad over the past few years. When we found your service it was a true Godsend. Your support of dad, and our family, as we worked to make dad as comfortable as possible was immeasurable. Please keep doing what you do! Your work is so important to our vulnerable seniors and families. Hugs to all."

- Patricia

"Your agency and the women you hire are amazing. We have so much faith in you, and your ladies have made our mom feel like she’s having lots of visits from different people. Thanks, thank you, thanks, thank you. What else can I say, you are all amazing!"

"It gives me great peace of mind knowing that I can depend on you whenever I need something for mom. And even though mom may not be able to articulate that your visits mean a lot to her, I know that they do."

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